Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tree and Fox, In Progress

This one is only finished for now.  Eventually we're going to add some more things around this to make it a whole scene!

Butterfly and Calla Liliy fix up

This is a fix up/added to tattoo.  This lady originally had just the butterfly and the 2 swirls coming off the sides of the butterfly, but it was all just black.  To fill out the tattoo a little more, I added the Calla Lilies and some more swirls and colored it all to make it stand out more than it had before.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An interesting collage to celebrate her mom!

Finally finished this good/evil piece.  This is the "evil" side we just finished up.  I have also included a close up of the angel and demon so it's a little easier to see.  The clouds around it go on to the front of his check and lighten up for the "good" side.  On his chest are praying hands (which he already had, I just re-touched them) with light rays (photo included here).